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"Thankful for God's artful gift, coloring my world with inspiration and gratitude.

La Fantacia –embodying the ingenuity inscribed in the names of our children, is a haven of joy curated by Lydia Fernandes, goes beyond traditional event planning. Lydia, the creative force, is a masterful storyteller crafting cherished moments. Influenced by a blessed upbringing and accomplished parents and her journey fueled a passion for art as a divine language.

Teaming up with her culinary expert husband Francis, her family, especially her sister and brother-in-law in the realms of photography and cinematography, consistently provided steadfast support and encouragement. Lydia transforms events into true masterpieces with imaginative ideas. Life’s pivotal moment opened doors to an event company, broadening horizons, with family serving as unwavering wellsprings of inspiration. Acknowledged for potential, Lydia embraced entrepreneurship, dedicating herself to the role of an Event Planner. It’s more than profits for her; it’s a commitment to translating clients’ visions into celebrations filled with everlasting memories.

Under Lydia’s visionary leadership, La Fantacia invites you to a limitless adventure, where each event emerges as a unique masterpiece in life’s grand gallery.

Aphorism Philosophy-

Work hard in Silence, and let your success make the noise......!-Dyana Cardozo


“La Fantacia turned our event into pure magic! Lydia’s expertise and attention to detail surpassed our expectations. A truly unforgettable experience!”

“Thanks to La Fantacia, our celebration was flawlessly executed. Impeccable planning and a touch of elegance made our event shine. Highly recommend it!”

” The La Fantacia team brought brilliance to our event. From concept to execution, their creativity and precision made it truly extraordinary. Highly satisfied with the results!”